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Like last year, we offer combined tickets for Buenzli and Evoke. Get in to both parties with one single ticket! More info can be found here.

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how to get to the partyplace by train

This part is also available as PDF for printing (for you to take with you on the journey).

If you're coming by plane to Airport Zurich, or generally, if you prefer travelling by train from whereever you come from to Buenzli read the following small guide. Train timetables and prices will follow.

When arriving at the Airport Zurich, you'll first have to find the railways (downstairs). Make sure you buy your train tickets before entering the train. There you catch the next train in direction of Winterthur or St.Gallen. The trip takes about 15 minutes and there are about 3 trains per hour. When you're in Winterthur, you get out of the train and walk forward (in the direction in which the trains has been driving, at least if you're coming from Zürich, else, it's the other direction) until the last subway on the stage, walk down the stairs, turn right and walk up the stairs again. There you see some bus stops on a pretty large street. From there, you walk straight forward until you're standing in front of a big building - the 'Manor'. There you turn left, walk a bit, turn right the first street, and from there it is all straight forward. Check the 'come by car'-photostory, it's the same way. When walking down this street you see on the right side a parking garage and later a park. Continue walking down this street until the end of the park, there you turn left and this is the small street (Liebestrasse) where the Kirchgemeindehaus is.

timetables & prices

This is just an overview on the timetable and the prices if you're coming from the airport. For everything else, go to http://www.rail.ch/ and use the online timetable.


  • The oneway-trip from Zürich Airport to Winterthur costs CHF 7.80 (2nd class)
  • Don't buy Outward-and-return trips, the ticket might not be valid for 3 days
  • Double this price for the return trip (or if you want to travel in the 1st class)


  • There are 3 or more trains per hour
  • They normally leave at .18, .22 and .52
  • Throughout the day there are additional trains
  • Check http://www.rail.ch for a train that fits your flight


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