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Send an SMS containing 'buenzli on' to 20199 for swiss or +41 79 718 6667 for non-swiss mobile phones to stay updated about Buenzli.

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combined ticket?

Like last year, we offer combined tickets for Buenzli and Evoke. Get in to both parties with one single ticket! More info can be found here.

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PAiN - Calodox - Vantage - Fake That - c64.ch and chscene.ch
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It is over now. Check out our after party section and read the following after party news items. The party was a big success and we would like to thank all sponsors, visitors, organizers and everybody else that was involved somehow.

meet the buenzli organizers

In the upcoming months, there are a lot of occasions to meet the Buenzli organizers. You surely don't want to miss the restart of the Buenzli propaganda machine, do you? Meet us here (more to come up!):

ohp competition entries

We're proud to finally be able to release the captured competitions entries of the OHP competition. These are the gold nuggets of Buenzli 13. Grab them from our after party section and enjoy! The videos were made by Tritzan/Vantage - thanks a lot dude!

after the party

The party is now over, it was a big big success. We got a lot of visitors and a lot of good feedback. Thanks to everyone joining our party, contributing to the competitions and making it all possible!

In our after party section, you can find the following things: Reports, photos, releases, results, lost & found and so on. Check it out! All releases can be downloaded from scene.org already (if not, they'll follow soonish).


party time

The party has started successfully, everything works as it should and there are a lot of very friendly (and also some elite) people here (oh most of them are both, friendly and elite). Maybe we'll provide you with some photos soon. If you don't know what to do, join us! There's still most of the cool stuff ahead of us: Competitions and more!

last minute updates

You've only to sleep for two times more - and Buenzli 13 will start. While you're preparing yourself, we update the website a little bit and now provide information on our foodsupport aswell as new information on the entrance fee. Also, we revealed the emergency/hotline phone number on our travelling page.
We really look forward to meet you on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and all we ask you is to bring a good mood and good productions. We're extremly sure it will be a cool party with good and cosy atmosphere.

prepayment period is over

The prepayment period for Buenzli 13 is over. Read details about it at our registering page. If you selected 'prepay' when registering, please make sure you pay asap and bring your payment recipe to allow us to validate your payment.

email submissions to compos

Due to a stupid error, we stated to accept email submission on our compo page. Actually, we have decided to not allow them - but now it's too late to stop from it. We kindly request you to submit your entry through someone you know who's coming to Buenzli 13. If that's not possible and you already started/finished/planned your entry, we of course won't alienate you and kindly request you to contact us on how to submit and deadline info.

13 days to buenzli 13

Our website now contains additional information about competitions, network and showers. The timetable is now online - and finally we announce the special ticket price for people watching only the competitions. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the (free) SMS news channel if you want to get last minute information about Buenzli 13 (see left row). Now, register (if you've not done so yet), start to prepare your entries to the OHP competition and enjoy the summer - See you in 13 days!

bustrip from cologne

The famous Digitale Kultur e.V. is organizing a bustrip from Cologne to Buenzli! Read more about these good news on their small trip website which can be found at http://www.digitalekultur.org/en/events040820.html. They still have some empty seats, so hurry and register.

buenzli 13 invitation intro
The Buenzli 13 invitation intro is here. A full featured 64k intro created by our friends in Conspiracy hit the public. Feel invited! Grab the intro from here. This intro was released at Scene Event 2k4.
extended travelling information & network info
You already booked a flight? Want to come by car or train? Check out our extensive travelling information. We now have a car guide and a train guide for you, both are also available for printing - take them with you on your trip.
Additionally, we finally were able to finish the network planning. You can read about our network and what you need to access it on our network page.
competition rules & massive update

A massive update of the website has been performed today. You now find our complete competition rules (we bring you 10 regular competitions now, among them are two brand new categories (at Buenzli): 4k Intro and OHP Performance), a guide to Switzerland for first time visitors, new sponsors, and more! Just browse around. A detailed description on Buenzli has been included for German speakers. Eine detaillierte Beschreibung über die Buenzli und was das alles genau ist findet sich jetzt hier.

combined ticket price

We have now announced the ticket prices for the Buenzli and Evoke Combined Ticket. See our Combined Ticket page for more information.

sound equipment

We're desperately looking for two MK2 (DJ record players) and a DJ Mixer which we could use at Buenzli 13. If you got something like that and could supply it to us for the 3 days of partying, we would be very happy. Please contact us in that case!

shop and registering have opened
Good things take long - but we've done it and the shop aswell as the registering for Buenzli 13 are now open, available, working and ready for the masses. In the shop we also sell the brand new Buenzli 13 TShirts! Have a look at them. To see who's registered for Buenzli 13, just go here.
combined tickets: buenzli and evoke
Establishing a tradition? Buenzli and Evoke are proud to bring you the Combined Ticket again. The ticket, valid for both parties will be cheaper than the sum of two single ticketand there are cheap flights from Zurich to Cologne in the week after Buenzli for almost 10 days of non-stop partying. The tickets will be available at Buenzli only! More info can be found on www.evoke-net.de and here. The prize for the ticket will be announced later.
new server for the buenzli website
We finally decided to move the website to a fast webserver again. Here you go, with fast access time to it all. The links and showcases of the old websites from buenzli12 or buenzli11 might not work properly yet - but we're working on it. Next to come up is our shop, selling our heavily cool tshirts.
swiss cheese fondue for the masses at breakpoint 04
The Buenzli team sponsored original Swiss cheese Fondue for the masses at Breakpoint 2004. The audience was able to have a good traditional swiss meal during Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed it. A movie trailer announced the event on the BP04 bigscreen and invited everybody - and the masses arrived. 4.5 kg of cheese Fondue went away in a rush.. Download: divX5.1.1 mpeg2 (scene.org).
buenzli 13 advertising at tum03: we love to entertain you
Our successfull advertisement trailer which was first shown at the tum03-party (27-29 december 2003) is now available for download! Be sure to check out this funny movie featuring Unlock and Robocop in a remake of a popular Pro7-TV-Station advert. 'We love to entertain you' is the subslogan for Buenzli 13 - and we're honest with it. Download: scene.org
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